Committee Meeting - 8th July 2015

Ruby Australia Committee Meeting Minutes

8th of July, 2015 - 7:00pm AEST

Held via GotoMeeting

Committee Members Present

  • Sebastian VonConrad - President
  • Melissa Kaulfuss - Vice President
  • Matt Allen - Treasurer
  • Mikel Lindsaar - Secretary
  • Leonard Garvey
  • Rob Jacoby
  • Amanda Neumann


  • John Barton


  1. Welcome / Apologies / Agenda Amendments

    • I’d like to add defining the working groups and schedule moving forward - Amanda
    • Work out a way to properly bring on new committee members - Amanda
    • Both items approved to be added to the agenda by the committee
  2. Previous minutes, matters arising - Done

    • Motion by the secretary that previous minutes are accepted as true and correct?
    • Approved - VP + President
  3. President’s report

    • I had a meeting with Amanda and Mel and there is a proposal to do a welcome email
      to new members
    • I like the idea of us as a committee making progress in some way every week
  4. Treasurer’s report

    • Paid for all the bills from Rails Camp - all reimbursements are in
    • Paid for a whole bunch of conference stuff for Ruby Conf Brisbane
    • Mikel and I came up with an initial layout for Ruby Australia Annual
      sponsorship, Sapphire to zendesk $5k sold. Difference is we have unlimited sponsors
    • Mikel and I will finish putting the sponsorship prospectus together.
    • Rob Jacoby - how should we run putting sponsors on the website? Matt - we’ll handle that asap.
    • Len Garvey - Any concern with visibility of pricing? Matt - don’t think so.
    • Rob Jacoby - WRT payments, have you been given schedule for regular payments?
      Matt - not yet, would be good.
  5. Define working groups and schedule for actions

    • President - Key thing is to define the working groups. - Get a chair person for each one.
    • Mikel - We had a basic list of who was to work on each one to each person
    • Amanda - Can you outline the 3 groups again?
    • President - Gives an outline of the 3 target groups as per the website.
    • Amanda - I suggest that once those groups work out the things to do, we publish
      an approach we share to the group by the next meeting.
    • Mel - Richee summarized people who wanted to help on the working group
    1. Define Chairs on Working Groups.

      • Working Group 1 - Leonard Garvey - Chair, Amanda wants to also work.
      • Working Group 2 - Melissa Kaulfuss - Chair, Amanda wants to also work.
      • Working Group 3 - Mikel Lindsaar - Chair
    2. Event Knowledge Project Update

      • Leonard: Post rails camp catchup at Trinity, Keith Pitt, James Sadlier,
        assist with knowledge sharing
      • Sebastian; Ealier this year setup a github repo for this., I want to keep it open instead of
        closed. Tim Lucas agreed to write a t-shirt guide.
      • Rob: Not sure on what can and can’t dump - Len to take up after.
    3. New People into the Community Project Update

      • Mel - Did some research into to work out how to create a meetup
        group account for 10 meet up groups for $100 to get all meetup groups for free.
      • Mikel - Happy to transfer over Sydney meetup group
      • Mikel - First adelaide installfest happened
      • Sebastian - Rails Girls sponsorship done ad hoc, need to work out
        a standard package / template
      • Rob Jacoby - Is Rails Girls something we can bring under Ruby Australia?
        Or keep it separate? Sebastian: I don’t want to dictate not trample on
        toes, if they want to, they can. I don’t want to take over without them coming
        to us.
    4. Ruby to the Business Project Update

      • Mikel - John and I haven’t had a chance to catch up yet, we will this
        month and bring forward a general plan.
    5. How to help bring on new committee members as an item

      • Amanda - Got in touch with Richee who gave us a document about the committee
        member welcome guide. There are a bunch of things we could share in many ways.
      • Sebastian - Should get constitution online. Mikel: please give me access
        and I’ll get it public.
  6. General Business

    • Len - Rails camp, can we get a Rails Camp channel in out slack?
    • Rob - Launched the website which is great. Tickets go on Aug 1 and
      CFP on Aug 1 as well. Still in the process of deciding who the
      invited speakers will be.
  7. Next Meeting

    • Wednesday the 19th 7pm is the next meeting
    • Mikel to send out invites
  8. Targets for following month

    • Minutes to be written up and published
    • Mel to be gotten on website
    • Mikel & Matt to finish putting the sponsorship prospectus together
    • Mikel & John to bring plan forward regarding new businesses into rails
    • Sebastian to get constitution access to Mikel to be published online
    • Len to start working on event knowledge gathering, enter data into
    • Rob to start a CFP and launch ticket sales for Ruby Australia on August 1
  9. End of Meeting