Committee Meeting - 22nd August 2017

Start: 7:38pm


  • Toby Nieboer
  • Ryan Bigg
  • Anton Kunin
  • Rachelle LeQuesne
  • Nick Wolf
  • Caitlin Palmer-Bright


  • Lauren Hennessy
  • Jo Cranford

Community Sponsorship

The committee discussed a different level of sponsorship called the “Community Sponsor” level, for companies that are doing outstanding work within the Ruby AU community by running their own events. The Committee decided to build a sponsorship prospectus for this new level so that we could clearly outline the terms of any agreement.

Website redesign

The website redesign work continues, thanks to Richie Khoo and Deming Factor. We’ve now seen some designs for the new website and we’re continuing working together to build a newer & better

RSA Research

Committee general member Caitlin Palmer-Bright has been doing some research into Ruby AU’s responsibilities when it comes to RSA at our events. She will get some documents and research together before the next committee meeting.

Name tags / labels at Ruby AU events

Committee member Anton Katunin has been doing some great work on organising name tags / labels for people at Ruby AU events. He’s organising with other meetups to have a small label printer there to print name tags.