Committee Meeting - 17th January 2017

Ruby AU January Meeting Agenda

  • Meeting start: 7:35pm

Members present

  • Ryan Bigg
  • Ana Djordevic
  • Lauren Hennessey
  • Anton Katunin
  • Toby Nieboer
  • Rachelle LeQuesne
  • Jo Cranford

Lauren to have shared 1Password vault/Slack/Google account access with Ryan (Lauren)

  • 1password + google account done!


  • Lauren is not the owner on Slack, so needs to get in touch with the original owner.

Trello team setup, boards created (Lauren)

  • Anton has been the one running with the creation of the boards.
  • Anton has started a general board, and two more boards for the forum and documentation projects.
  • Anton has asked committee members to look over the board and to track work on the board as it comes up.

Did we remove past committee members from 1pw/slack/google? (Lauren)

  • Not done yet, but will be done by the time the next meeting rolls round.


  • Lauren to remove past committee members from 1pw/slack/google.

Checkin on Mitchell (TwoRedKites) progress on membership database. (Tom)

  • Tom is absent from the meeting, but has filled in Lauren with details.
  • Lauren has talked with Tom regarding this and Tom will be talking with Ed Tippett regarding the membership database.
  • It is unknown if any progress has been made.


  • Check on membership database progress with Tom & TwoRedKits.

RailsCamp inventoring progress (Tom Ridge & Rob Jacoby)

  • Lauren hasn’t received inventoring progress information from Tom & Rob yet.


  • Lauren to follow up with Tom & Rob regarding inventoring progress.

Checkin on bank card re-issuing progress (Jo & Ryan)

  • Ryan and Jo haven’t done this yet due to RubyConf organisation busyness by Jo.
  • Will do after RubyConf.


  • Ryan & Jo to look at bank card re-issuing soon.

Annual statements - Did the accountants handle this yet? (Jo & Ryan)

  • Ryan and Jo haven’t done this yet due to RubyConf organisation busyness by Jo.
  • Will do after RubyConf.


  • Ryan & Jo to look at annual statements

Will we close rails-oceania and move it to a forum system(i.e. Discourse) (Anton)

  • Anton has talked to Pat (the most active moderator of rails-oceania), and decided that because rails-oceania isn’t very active that it’s not worthwhile converting rails-oceania over to a Discourse system.
  • Anton has created a lot of cards on the forum project board to work out how we can drive more discussions to the mailing list.

Onboarding documentation project (Anton)

  • There’s an onboarding documentation project Trello board.
  • Rachelle has been helping out on this board so far.
  • Anton has gone through as much documentation as possible to figure out what should go in the onboarding guides.


  • Anton will need access to the Ruby AU GitHub account to make changes to repos within that account.
  • Anton is going through feedback from the first RubyConf and will put that up somewhere accessible for future conference runners later on.

Porting the Constitution to Markdown (Anton)

  • Kevin Yank has been porting the constitution to Markdown and has completed it and has an open PR.


  • Ryan Bigg to review Kevin’s PR for the Constitution.

Sponsorship plans for the new year (Jo)

  • Jo + Rachelle talked about sponsorship packages prior to the meeting.
  • Rachelle has looked at the sponsorship documents and meeting headcount. Is still working out sponsorship packages for the new year.


  • RB to make sure there’s a card for Sponsorship packages on the general board, RL and JC to be attached to it.

RubyConf AU 2018 hosts (Jo)

  • Jo has been busy with RubyConf 2017.
  • Jo wanted to put something out on rails-oceania and the Slack accounts to let people know we’re looking for hosts.


  • Someone from the Committee to handle announcing that we need hosts. JC and AD/RL to work together on this.

End of 2017 RailsCamp hosting (Toby)

  • Toby has not heard from John Dalton regarding this.
  • Ryan: “If it’s not a ‘hell yes’, it’s a no”
  • Toby & Ryan agree that the next RailsCamp is going to be in Melbourne.
  • Jo suggests to have people who are always available, rather than just intermittently.
  • Lauren suggests that the above should perhaps be added to the guide?
  • Ryan: late november camp?
  • Toby: late october preferrably


  • Lauren to link Toby to the “Running a RailsCamp” documentation.

Administrative support for other communities (Jo)

  • Jo thinks we may have been approached by CampJS people earlier.
  • Jo wants to help the ElixirCamp people because she wants to go to one.
  • Jo: Do we want to offer administrative support to other communities?
  • Lauren: we should not try to add too much the plates of committee members.
  • Jo: Running RailsGirls would’ve been hard if Ruby Australia treasurer wasn’t there to handle invoices.
  • Jo: Do other camps need to handle public liability insurance? What if the camp is cancelled?
  • Jo: It costs $20k to run a RailsCamp, $10k of that being sponsorship money.
  • Toby: maybe we can help the other groups by providing experience?
  • Jo: going to talk with Toby about RailsCamp and going to copy everything Toby’s doing for ElixirCamp
  • Anton: Maybe we should help those groups start up their own organisations? Help them for a year.
  • Jo: “Surely our aim is to just grow and become all powerful?”
  • Jo: As an organisation we’ve learned how to run events + a committee. Why put another community of people through all the pain that we had when we started the organisation?
  • Jo: We pay $450/month for accountants and Xero package. It’s thousands of dollars a year that could be shared across organisations.
  • Anton: We need to find out how much effort is required by the other camps to help them out.
  • Toby: Finding out how we can help with a theoretical ElixirCamp is a great start. Sitting here trying to rule in/out theoretical things… we would be better off working with concrete things.
  • Lauren: Agrees with Toby.


  • Jo: Talking with Martin + Garrett about ElixirCamp assistance tomorrow over Zoom.
  • Devise a way of supporting other camps (is it just liability insurance + accountancy?)

Rails camp 21 update (Darwin) (Lauren)

  • Venue is locked in
  • Catering is being sorted
  • Ticket prices are sorted
  • Budget is being built up
  • Looking at liability insurance with regards to crocodiles (jk)
  • Toby: “Crocodiles will not be a danger at RailsCamp 22”
  • Toby: When are tickets being released?
  • Lauren: I am not sure yet. “Soon™”
  • Toby: Post RubyConf Soon™?, Lauren: Yes

Apologies for being so slack (Lauren)

  • Lauren: I just wanted to apologise for being so slack. It’s been Christmas, and I wanted to be more active and proactive than what I’ve been. Will work harder.

Organising an optional recurring committee work night (Lauren & Anton)

  • Anton went to the Ruby Hack Night and did a bunch of committee work.
  • Lauren didn’t go because it conflicts with MelbJS.
  • Lauren talked with Colby Swandale (organiser of Ruby Hack Night) about potentially moving the date of the Hack Night.
  • Anton + Lauren talked about having an online work session, rather than all being together in person.
  • Lauren suggests alternating fortnights.
  • Toby suggests having the in-person meetings at TeamSquare.


  • Lauren to pick time + date for committee work nights

Ruby AU general TODO board (Anton)

  • Ruby AU Website Trello board needs going through. Issues should be pulled over to the Ruby AU general board.
  • Community should be notified that a committee meeting is happening. Ryan will be handling this.
  • Update RailsCamp twitter account with the latest RailsCamp information.
  • Anton has assigned Tom Ridge to go through RailsCamp guide and update it.


  • Ryan (Secretary) to share meeting minutes after they happen.
  • Lauren needs to give Rob + friends access to the RailsCamp twitter account.

Insurance for Camps (Lauren)

  • Who will handle the insurance for the upcoming camp?
  • Jo: it’s the responsibility of the camps to make sure they have the right insurance.
  • Jo: If we get a claim then it will effect our insurance policy.


  • Jo to send Lauren/Rob public liability insurance details (through Google Docs)

RailsCamp 20 AGM PR


  • Lauren to review this PR

Bios on website

  • Toby asked if someone was in charge of handling pictures / bios for the website.
  • Ryan says he’ll handle this


  • Ryan to chase up people for bios / pictures

  • Meeting ends: 8:28pm