Committee Meeting - 18th April 2017

Ruby AU April Meeting Agenda

Start: 7:35pm, 18th April


  • Ryan Bigg (RB)
  • Tom Ridge (TR)
  • Toby Nieboer (TN)
  • Anton Katunin (AK)
  • Ana Djordjevic (AD)


  • Rachel LeQuesne (RL)
  • Lauren Hennessy (LH)
  • Jo Cranford (JC)

Financial Statements (Ryan)

  • All done now for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Interactive Accounting were awesome!


  • CELEBRATE. Do not stress about this until next EOFY.

Conference Survey (Rachelle / Lauren)

  • Rachelle and Lauren not present.


  • Follow up next meeting.

Storage locations (Ryan)

  • Ryan is storing the Rails Camp stuff at the CA office atm, hoping to move it to his house soon-ish. Not sure how big the RubyConf stuff is. Will need to ask Jo.


  • Ryan to move RailsCamp inventory to his house (somehow)
  • Ryan to gauge RubyConf storage requirements

RailsCamp inventory (Tom / Ryan)

  • Rob Jacoby has given Ryan Bigg the RailsCamp inventory. Tom Ridge says he will need to go through it and check it off.


  • Tom to check inventory is all present.

RSA at RailsCamp (Tom)

  • Tom hasn’t done anything yet, will continue to chase that up.


  • Follow up next committee meeting

Website re-design (Lauren & Tom)

  • TR: Talking with Richie Khoo about styleguides / design for the website.
  • TR: We thought about opening this to the membership, but if anyone was interested they would’ve already come forward.
  • TN: If we took it to the community, it would probably not happen as quickly. It would make sense to get one other quote for this.
  • TR: Indicated to Richie that my position was coming up for re-election. Richie is OK with that, as long as it’s consistently one person that he’s dealing with.
  • AK: Do we have requirements about this redesign?
  • TR: Yes we do. I will find the emails for this that we sent to Richie. I will put these on the Committee-only forum. Goals were to try to improve readability and sponsorship-friendliness of the site and making it easier for future committee members to update the site.
  • AK: Richie charges an hourly rate, and we should be careful that this project doesn’t go over. TN, TR, RB: Agree.
  • RB: Richie is passionate about it, we should probably stick with him instead of trying to find someone else.
  • TN: I agree.
  • TR: Anyone have any thoughts about the pricing that Richie’s given us?
  • TN: I think it’s OK. We should try to find out what would happen if the project was scheduled to take 60 hours but then only took 40 hours. TR & AK: Agree.
  • AK: There was a discussion in Slack today about other people offering a cheaper Not-For-Profit rate…
  • TR: I’m going to try and lock him down to 20-30hrs, or however long we agree the work would take.
  • TN: We should identify 3 different phases, and then do those phases. If we’re happy with the initial phase then we can move onto the next phases. Committee agrees.
  • AD: Are we going to get another quote or not?
  • TR: Not yet, we’ll go with Richie for the time-being… unless someone has someone else I can get in contact with.
  • AK: How long did Richie think it was going to take?
  • TR: I’ll take that on notice and put it in the thread.


  • Continue working with Richie on the website re-design (3-phase development)
  • Follow-up next meeting with how things are going.

Constitution readiness (Ryan)

  • RB: [talked about disciplinary subcommittee and banning from Slack and Forum]
  • TN: “Banning” might be a loaded term. Banning someone in advance like that and notifying the community may be seen as prejudicing the outcome of the disciplinary action.
  • TR: There’s nothing stopping someone signing up with a separate email address to the forums or Slack.
  • TR: Is the Consitution ready? Can I just fix it up?
  • RB: Yes, please make those changes.
  • AK: Will this be accepted at the next Rails Camp?
  • TR: Yes it will be.


  • Constitution to be voted on at RailsCamp 21. It requires a super majority (75%) attendance approval.
  • Committee to talk about outcome of vote next meeting.

Meetup checklists (Anton)

  • AK: I haven’t done much yet. We’ve been talking about this in the docs team about how to do this, we’ll continue working on it.
  • TR: Rachelle has contacted meetups regarding the sponsorship changes + financing. She’s put info into the documentation forum about this.


  • Follow up next Committee meeting with progress on this.

Sponsor badges (Anton)

  • AK: Should sponsors have badges?
  • Committee: Agree.


  • Anton to come up with ways of giving badges to sponsors at Ruby AU events.

Move to (Anton)


  • Easier to add and edit new content

  • People get notification automatically

  • Place for discussion is provided by default

  • The transfer is aligned with standardising the RubyAU communication

  • Important messages could be shown as banners

  • RB: I think this is a great idea.

  • Committee: Agree.


  • Move articles to forum.

How can we improve the DownUnder adoption for Committee? (Anton)

  • AK: Business by Committee should be talked about on the forums, rather than on Slack. This way, there’s a more visible history of what the Committee has been up to.
  • RB: I’ve been guilty of this. I think reminding people of this would be a good thing to do for you.
  • TN: I think changing people’s way of doing things doesn’t change overnight. We should encourage each other to do this and to change over time. As long as we keep on it as the forum being the official permanent record of things then it will happen.
  • TR: I don’t think anyone here is opposed to being kicked up the butt if they don’t do this. It is very easy to jump on Slack and just talk about it there. Having someone call it out is useful.
  • AK: Do I have official permission?
  • TR & RB: Yes. Do it.
  • TN: Making the community in general use to using the forum means that the Committee would also be used to using the forum.
  • AD: But will people do that?
  • TN: Slack is good for the synchronous communication, but the forums are much better for things that need to be recorded.
  • AD: Fair enough.


  • Anton to harass committee members about putting stuff on the forums.

RailsCamp 22 (Melbourne '17 Summer) (Toby)

  • TN: Should be able to announce something at Darwin camp. Mel and I are looking at venues still
  • TN: Oct 27th-30th targetted for the dates, Saturday night will be a halloween dinner.


  • Ask Toby if venue confirmed for RailsCamp 22 and check-in on progress.

RailsCamp 21 (Darwin '17 Winter) (Tom)

  • TR: I thought we had the buses sorted out, but we don’t. Phil Arndt is chasing that up. Swag for the camp + t-shirts are sorted out.

Toby says his goodbyes

(Committee elections are happening at RailsCamp 21, some members will be leaving us)

  • TN: If anyone’s not here for the next committee meeting, it’s been a pleasure.
  • TR: Agree! It’s been a pleasure working with you all.


  • Welcome new Committee members next meetup.

Ends: 8:11pm.