Volunteers wanted to join Ruby AU Docs team

We are looking for volunteers to join Ruby AU Docs team.

Documentation (Docs) team are the Ruby AU knowledge keepers. Their goal to make sure all the important knowledge in the community are recorded and can be passed to other people. That includes guides for RubyConf AU, RailsCamp, Meetups as well as documentation for Ruby Australia.

  • Coding skills are not required
  • Easy to start helping the community
  • Great writing skill is a plus
  • Couple of hours a week

You can view docs at https://docs.ruby.org.au/

Hi @antulik I’m happy to help, how do I start?

Hey Anton,
I would like to help!

Hi Anton,

I’m happy to help, especially with respect to the history of the community, which I’ve been involved with since 2006, and the origins of Ruby Australia, which started in earnest with a discussion at Rails Camp 9 in June 2011.


Thanks guys, I’ll be reaching out to each one of you a bit later.

Any more volunteers are still welcome to join.