Special Resolutions - May 2019

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At the forthcoming General Meeting for Ruby Australia on May 12th 2019 at Rails Camp 25 in Perth, there are two special resolutions being proposed to change the organisation’s constitution.

These resolutions can only be accepted with 75% in favour at the General Meeting, and hence it is especially important for members to understand and discuss the changes ahead of time.

Both of these changes, set out below, are being made with the purpose of allowing online General Meetings to happen in the future - thus being more inclusive (instead of limiting attendance to those at or near a Rails Camp).

If you cannot be at this upcoming General Meeting but wish to vote on these resolutions, we strongly encourage you to register an attending member as your proxy.

Special Resolution 2019.1: Constitutional Change to clarify schedule of Special General Meetings.

The association resolves that point 31.2 of the constitution be altered from the following:

Special general meetings are held twice a year on the Sunday of the Association’s Rails Camp events, which include the ordinary business of electing some of the members of the Committee.

To instead be:

Special general meetings are held once a year, roughly halfway between the yearly schedule of Annual General Meetings, and can include the ordinary business of electing some of the members of the Committee.

Special Resolution 2019.2: Constitutional Change to allow online attendance of General Meetings.

The association resolves to remove section 35 of the constitution - Use of technology - in its entirety from the constitution.

  1. Use of technology
  1. A member not physically present at a general meeting will not be able to participate in the meeting by the use of technology and must appoint a Proxy in order to cast a vote.

The use and behaviour of proxies are covered without the specific frame of technology in section 34.

If you have any thoughts or questions about these resolutions, your input here is greatly appreciated, and will be taken into consideration at the general meeting.

Upcoming Ruby Australia General Meeting - May 2019
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