Ruby Australia SGM - 20th November 2012

Ruby Australia SGM

  • NR: Nigel Rausch
  • PA: Pat Allan
  • KPy: Keith Pitty
  • WS: Warren Seen
  • MS: Martin Stannard
  • SvC: Sebastian von Conrad
  • BS: Ben Schwarz
  • JS: Jason Stirk
  • RB: Ryan Bigg

Nigel Rausch (president) opens the meeting at 2:10pm.

Minutes by Ryan Bigg

NR: Hands over to Pat Allan.

PA explains Ruby Australia’s purpose to the group.

Agenda Item #1: Minutes of last meeting. (PA)

PA motions to approve the minutes of last meeting. KPy seconds.

Agenda Item #2: President’s report (NR)

NR gives thanks to WS for this Rails Camp.

NR says we will get a report about next Rails Camp at the end of the SGM.

NR gives thanks to MS, KPy and co. for RubyConf, happening in February.

NR gives thanks to RK, KPy and PA for their work on establishing Ruby Australia.

NR says 3 committee members are stepping down. NR, SvC and Dan Draper are
stepping down.

Agenda Item #3: Treasurer’s report (SvC)

$15,000 left over for seed money for new Rails Camps.

Rails Camp 12 is looking cashflow positive, could add to the seed money pile.

Money is also coming into the accounts from RubyConf ticket purchases and sponsorship money.

SvC will compile a more complete financial report towards the end of the year.

SvC says there is now public liability / general license for the Ruby Australia company.

Agenda Item #4: Nominations for committee members.

Nominations for President

  • NR nominates Ben Schwarz. WS seconds.

BS is now the President of Ruby Australia after January.

Martin Stannard continues in role of Vice President.

Nominations for Treasurer

  • ML nominates Jason Stirk. SvC seconds.

JS is the new Treasurer for Ruby Australia after January.

Nominations for Secretary

Ryan Bigg nominates himself. NR seconds.

RB is the new secretary for Ruby Australia after January.

Warren Seen continues as a general member.
David Goodlad continues as a general member.

Agenda Item #5: RubyConf Australia (MS)

RubyConf is from 20th-22nd Feburary 2012. 80% of tickets sold already,
estimated two weeks until the tickets run out.

Workshop tickets will be on sale for $100 at the end of this week (around 22nd November)


  • Corey Haines
  • Rails for iOS
  • Git talk
  • RailsGirls workshop
  • And more!

Top-tier sponsors for RubyConf are Envato and Real Estate.

Website went up earlier in the month, thanks to Mike Koukoullis and Max Wheeler.

Agenda Item #6: Rails Camp #13 (BS)

Rails Camp 13 will be in Melbourne, organised by Ben Schwarz.

Rails Camp 6 was the first camp with over 100 people, cost over $200 and had

Date is last weekend in April next year.

Meeting closed at 2:31pm by PA.