Ruby Australia SGM - 16th June 2012

Ruby Australia SGM Minutes

Held: Rails Camp, Springbrook QLD, June 16, 2012 4PM

Committee Members Present

  • Keith Pitty, President
  • Nigel Rausch, Vice President
  • Sebastian von Conrad, Treasurer
  • Daniel Draper, General Member


  • Ben Schwarz, General Member
  • Richie Khoo, Secretary
  • Warren Seen
  • Martin Stanard
  • Pat Allan

Other Attendees

  • Matt Allen
  • Jason Crane
  • Phil Oye
  • David Goodlad
  • Jack Chen
  • Alan Harper
  • Elle Meredith
  • Ivan Vanderbyl
  • Lachie Cox
  • Steve Gilles
  • Leonard Garvey
  • Andrew Grimm
  • Jon Bartlett
  • Steven Ringo
  • Luke Chadwick
  • Julian Doherty
  • Ryan Bigg
  • Michael Harrison
  • Stuart Coyle
  • Anton Katunin
  • Sean Kelly
  • Craig Read
  • Trung Le
  • Adrian Smith
  • Robert Posthill
  • Lucas Maxwell
  • Nathan Sampiamon
  • Samuel Cochran
  • Noel Kelly
  • Robert O’Farrel
  • David Edwards
  • Philip Arndt

1) Membership

All attendees to Rails camps are given automatic membership

2) Last meeting minutes

The President pointed members to the minutes of the last meeting on ideagora.

3) Reports

The President

The organisation has now been established.
Making progress towards aims.

  • Smoother transition between camps
  • Run an australian ruby conference
  • General promotion

Thanks ben s and david good lad for getting the website up. Thanks to Richie for his establishing work. Thanks to Sebastian in work as treasurer. thanks to Nigel for Rails camp 11.
Warren Seen has agreed to organise the next camp in Tasmania. Venue has been booked near sorel for the 16th to the 19th of Nov, 2012.

Committee Status

  • Each meeting there will be three members that remain and three that continue for another term. Richie, Ben and Keith will be stepping down this time.
  • Reps from the next rails camp and the ruby conf should be on the committee.
  • A public officer must be nominated. This person must be resident in VIC.

The Secretary

  • Has set up bank accounts
  • Formal notices
  • Welcome guide for new committee members
  • Suggested guiding principles for the association

The Treasurer

  • Total profit for RC10 $4678.71
  • Total after last camp: ~$12k
  • Expected RC11 (thanks to sponsors) should generate a profit of approx $3.5k
  • Has set Xero for accounting
  • Some administration performed in regards to bank accounts etc
  • $2.5k deposit has been made for conference which will be reimbursed to the assn when sponsorship/ticket sales commence



  • Daniel Draper, nominated Nigel Rausch
  • Luke Chadwick, seconded

No other nominations.

Keith declared Nigel as the president.

Nominations for VP

  • Keith Pitty, nominated Martin Stanard
  • Seconded by Matt Allen

No other nominations. Declared.


  • Keith nominated Daniel Draper
  • Seconded by Sebastian von Conrad

No other nominations. Daniel will be the secretary.


Sebastian will continue.


Daniel Draper nominated as Warren Seen.
Seconded by Jason Crane

No other nominations


David Goodlad nominated himself.
Steven Ringo nominated himself.

Steven talked about what he could offer the association.
David did also. Mentioned that he built the original site.

Keith asked if members were happy to vote by show of hands.

David voted in by show of hands.

Other Business

Keith asked by a member about the Ruby conference.
Cory Haines and Aaron Patterson will be keynote speakers.

Thursday and Friday will be the main conference days but considering Wednesday as a tutorial day.

Basic site set up and twitter rubyconf_au

Venue is the Jasper Hotel in Melbourne.

Have established a partnership with Yow. Sabine Wolf will be assisting. This is in a similar way to what Swipeconf did in 2011.

Questions regarding theme. Will the conf be technically focussed? Corporate/Business? How narrow will the conf be - very much about Ruby or more inclusion of JS/CoffeeScript etc.

Talk proposals will probably open up in August 2012.

There will be two conference tracks.

Key organisers at present are:

  • Keith Pitty
  • Martin Stanard
  • Mike Coulis

Next steps:

  • Locking in sponsors (Martin Stanard has been work on this)
  • Ticket prices need to be determined
  • Budget Plannining
  • Looking for more keynote speakers


No other business.

Meeting closed 4:30pm.