Restructuring of the Committee

To further our success giving members the autonomy to run with their jobs, we have decided to give more definition to the general member roles. We want people to own key aspects of the committee whilst providing the support and information they need to succeed. The new roles as we see them are:

Sponsor Liaison
The focus of this role is sourcing yearly sponsorships around the start of the financial year and maintaining good relationships with sponsors throughout the year. It will include making sure we are meeting all our sponsor commitments and tracking possible improvements for the next year of sponsorships. This is a big job and we expect to have more than one person on it for at least the initial sourcing of major sponsorships.

Event Liaison
This role is around making sure event organisers, both large and small, can access information and support they need from the committee. It will also involve ensuring that each event is meeting our sponsor commitments in terms of exposure and kudos.

Website ( Manager
This will be something of a product manager / lead dev role focusing on the website and database. There are significant improvements to be made around managing profiles as well as a likely contract to spruce up the front end which will need to be managed. We hope for this to include bringing people in from the community for an open source feel.

Documentation (to hopefully be phased out as we get a handle on existing documentation)
This is around collating and managing documentation for use by future committee members and event organisers. It will involve refining existing documentation and taking sometimes disjointed new documentation (in the form of a forum thread or Trello card) and distilling it into the information worth keeping.

We are aware that these roles may be poorly weighted in terms of time commitment. The idea is for these to be lead roles, with the option to bring in extra hands from within or outside the committee when needed. The lead will be tasked with managing and reporting progress to the rest of the committee but not necessarily with doing everything the role requires.

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