[rails-oceania] [Job] Melbourne - $33million start-up runway

Hello ROR Oceania,

I am looking for four full-stack software engineers to join a start-up that
is going to explode globally. Currently exploring ML for health
applications/ devices this is a multi-tenant product that reforms mental
health. It is a tool for people to understand how their brain works using
bleeding edge tech like Relay, Graph QL, React, ROR


Are Technically Agnostic, Senior Developer
Are switched on individuals who can take a problem and solve it through
Are forthcoming, independent and has built end to end products before.
Have 3+ Years Software Engineering (JS a must - React ideal)

This application is a game changer as mental health is a serious issue that
many people are facing head on and you can be part of the team to
revolutionise how people are consulted and deal with issues.

PR or Citizenship a must with remote days are optional

Send us your CV / folio / GitHub and we’ll get in touch for a chat

If you’d like more information about this opportunity, give Alex a call on
0481 868 551