[rails-oceania] [Job] MELB Rails Developer at Allori/Beddoes


We are looking for a Rails Developer to develop, enhance and maintain
mainly Rails web apps under the direction of the I.T. Manager and
Director. We use our Rails apps to collect data e.g. financial metrics,
medical data, coaching and HR data, and to display reports and dashboards
that enable our corporate clients develop better businesses for their
shareholders, employees, clients and patients. We work in the financial
services and healthcare sectors and use big data, AI and machine learning
and are active in producing data, insights and predictive models for
corporate management as well as platforms and dashboards for managers and
staff. We believe in the ethical and transparent use of data to enrich the
lives of people from all walks of life.


  1. Allori (allori.com.au) is a rapidly growing healthcare communication
    company based in Melbourne. We promote education of healthcare providers in
    best practices based on the best available research through online courses,
    publications, and other creative means. We support pharmaceutical
    companies in coaching their staff in ethical attitudes and behaviours.

  2. Beddoes Institute (beddoesinstitute.com.au) is a rapidly growing
    business performance measurement and benchmarking company currently working
    within the finance industries to improve the effectiveness of insurers in
    protecting the welfare of all Australians.


The Web Developer will report to and work with the I.T. Manager.


The role is a full time position (initially a 6-month probation period).


We are looking for a Ruby developer with commercial experience developing
web apps. They will be great at teamwork, planning and prioritisation, as
well as having broader skills, such as TDD/BDD, Linux, advanced Excel, VBA,
NoSQL e.g. Neo4J, BI e.g. Tableau, or data science.


Please apply by sending your résumé to Robert Fabris (