[rails-oceania] [Job] Junior Systems Administrator @ Bellroy

Are you a technically minded systems administrator in training, who wants
to learn from some of the best (and help us get even better in the process)?


At Bellroy, we believe in balance. Art + science. Design + data. Intuition

  • technology. We are proud of the products we put out into the world, and
    like to know that they are being supported as best they can by all parts of
    the business. When it comes to our technical team, we encourage broad
    knowledge on a lot of things, and expert knowledge on a few. We are looking
    for a Junior Systems Administrator to bring their technical nous and
    willingness to learn from the knowledge of those around them.

If you aspire to become a systems administrator, this is the kind of role
that’ll give you the chance to learn from some world-class folks. You will
work beside an experienced systems administrator and play a key role in
keeping Bellroy’s systems stable and running smoothly. You will develop a
deep understanding of Chef, Linux and Amazon Web Services (AWS). You will
be exposed to other learning paths such as application development (largely
in Ruby), database administration and data warehousing.

But primarily, your responsibility will be providing desktop support and
all the varied and unique challenges and rewards that go with it.


Practicality, integrity and dedication are your super-powers. You take
pride in your work and care about doing things right. You also have the
patience to double (triple?) check and make sure everything has turned out
as you expected. You believe in always finding the root of the problem. You
know the quick fix often isn’t worth it in the end… and your curiosity
demands that you find the root cause, so you can work on avoiding similar
issues in the future.

You may still be pretty new to the working world, but you’re a fast
learner. And once you’ve learned how to do something, you are confident
enough to go off and get it done on your own, again and again. You take
pride in going above and beyond for the sake of good service. And you know
that understanding a person’s goal is the best way to truly resolve their

You find technology fascinating and you’re always reading about what’s new.
You’ve tinkered with programming and you understand how an application
comes together.

You take ownership of your work – especially when there’s a clear goal to
strive for. Luckily, at Bellroy we have plenty of goals. We’re a growing
business and we want someone who’ll come in and see that growth as part of
their own.


Refactored and deployed Chef recipes for our database servers
Helped to formulate and execute a plan to autoscale one of our biggest web
Paired with a developer to convert part of our in-house music application
to Elm
Come up with a shell script to convert one of our applications from MySQL
to Postgres
Set up all of the audio visual equipment to simultaneously stream and
record one of our quarterly company updates
Set up laptops for new starters and work tests
Worked on a pilot program for our applications to utilise some of the
latest and greatest product offerings available on Amazon Web Services
Sat in on one of our Friday afternoon lightning talks, and learnt something


Strong problem-solving and decision-making abilities
Deep motivation to learn and improve (continuously)
Strong communication and relationship management skills
Familiarity with a ‘nix command line
Some experience providing desktop support for a largely OSX user base


This is a full-time role based in our Fitzroy office (Melbourne), with
occasional trips to our Bells Beach office (on the Great Ocean Rd) required.

Start Day: We’re ready when you are!
Apply here.