[rails-oceania] [Job] - FunSearch: seeking skilled ruby & web dev


FunSearch https://www.funsearch.com.au/ is a web application written in
Ruby (dry-rb), using Elasticsearch, Postgres, React and hosted on Heroku.
It is a visual (photo and video) search engine, directed at the leisure,
recreation and tourism market in Australia.

The company has just launched (September) after two years research and
development with both business and consumer markets in Australia. While fun
is literally built into our name and DNA, we are also a very ambitious
company made up of experienced Melbourne social entrepreneurs with a vision
to create digital infrastructure for the entire Australian ‘fun sector’. In
doing so we are concurrently focused on creating a range of positive
impacts: social, environmental, cultural, economical and intergenerational.

If you like the sound of that chances are you’re the right kind of person
for us. And if you are, you can have great influence in all things tech
side for FunSearch right now, so it is an exciting period.

We are totally flexible - ie. we can look at 100% direct payment for work,
100% equity, or a mix of dollars and equity. All payment will be based on
experience and competence level. This job will begin as a project for you
(contract) so there is some time flexibility in it now, but our intent is
to build a full-time tech team as soon as possible.

Skills and capability

  • Excellent Ruby and web development skills
  • Experience with dry-rb libraries such as dry-validation (or a
    willingness to learn). Funsearch is not a Rails app.
  • Postgres
  • A very good understanding of Elasticsearch, ability to refine search
    algorithms etc - this is clearly important.
  • Ability to deploy and manage an application on Heroku
  • Some level of frontend skills - HTML, CSS, plain JavaScript, some React
  • Likes people. You don’t need to be the most social person in the room
    but we want to work with people who do like other humans as a general rule.

Is this you?
We are looking for someone who loves writing code, travel, new experiences,
the environment and social causes and building things like no one else
before. If you are in Melbourne that is bloody terrific and helpful but not

We know it’s a big ask - but is this you?? Note - if you are experienced,
or in fact a total gun with Search (algorithm development) but possibly
weaker on the other skills, please get in contact as well.

If you have any interest in this opportunity and you can do the job, please
contact me to chat as soon as you can. I’d love to hear from you.


Chris Gillard, CEO