Public access to youtube account

As mentioned during the meeting it would be good to upload event videos to a single RubyAU account.

How do we do that considering people who would upload videos are outside committee and we can’t share credentials with them?

Jo Cranford [8:33 AM]
So: the YouTube channel that I think I mentioned last night is not a channel with a login but a brand account that can have a number of different managers. I have added the guy who is recording the talks for RORO melb. @antulik - maybe we can add something to the help docs to indicate that if people want to be added and upload videos e.g. from meetups or events, they can ask a committee member? (edited)

Right now myself, Nick Bruning and Mel Kaulfuss are all owners which means we can manage people’s access. Rob Jacoby and Trish and Fabio have access to upload videos. Is there a general account we can grant primary owner access to? Maybe president@ and then secretary@ could also be an owner?

created a task in the docs team