Committee Meeting 21st November 2017

Committee Meeting 21st November 2017



  • Toby Nieboer (TN)
  • Ryan Bigg (RB)
  • Nick Wolf (NW)
  • Rachelle LeQuesne (RL)
  • Caitlin Palmer-Bright (CP)
  • Ana Djordjevic (AD)
  • Lachlan Hardy (LH)
  • Namibia Lebron-Torres (NT)


  • none


Correct title and permissions for committee members on Forum
Meet with each committee member

Investigate Hangouts as an alternative recording platform
Research Voting Systems
Ensure everyone has correct 1password and Github access


Welcome new committee members

Nick: Welcome to new members, any questions about getting setting up?

Ana: What access should we have?

Nick: 1password, admin on slack, correct title on forum

Action for Toby: Correct title and permissions for committee members

Committee Forum (Toby)

Toby: There is a new sub forum called ‘committee’. Anton has moved a number of appropriate topics to it. Committee only stuff stays committee only and is private. Could anyone not see the agenda?


Toby: Next steps are figuring out when we should post something in public committee and when we should post something in committee-only. Any questions on that?

Nick: Just that I want to make sure I don’t post anything to the wrong one.

Website redesign (Rachelle)

Rachelle: Richie has finished his part of the work.

Toby: Next we’ll have a committee member take the lead on this. I’ll have a chat which each of you and work out who is best suited to each general committee member roles.

Action for Toby: Meet with each committee member.

Caitlin: We could have pairing sessions between senior and junior members of the community to help establish ties and help people grow.

Ana: How would we connect the members?

Callouts on Slack and Forum, screen sharing via each slack, hangouts or teletype in Atom.

Lachlan: Where did we get up to with the design?

Rachelle: Here is a link on the discussion on the forum.

Toby: That’s the sample pages and style guide.

RoRo Swag

Toby: I haven’t been able to reach Lachie. Once I hear from him I’ll update. The idea of RoRo Swag was inspired by SydCSS who sell merchandise on Red Bubble. We’ve been talking about using the RoRo logo from SYDRoRo. Once we get permission we can put ‘Sydney’ or ‘Melbourne’ at the bottom of it and put it up on Red Bubble. Once we get permission it should all be very quick and easy to implement.

Treasurer Handover

Ryan: Handover with Jo went well, the bank is issuing me a new card, we have removed Lauren and once I am confirmed on the account we’ll remove Jo. Then Toby and I will get Toby added to the account.

Ryan: I’ve reconciled some expenses and the budget is looking quite healthy.

Toby: So of that, there is RubyConf to pay for and we also still have RailsCamp to be pay for, there is money in Tito we need to extract. There is the Brisbane RailsCamp. There is another 1 RailsGirls per main city between here and June. Also RoRos to support.

Ryan: There is also ElixirGirls Money.

Toby: From the previous AGM It’s probably best to include both balances and the spending money figure in future Treasurers report. How did the Insurance application go Ryan?

Ryan: The Public Liability insurance is currently with Ezra. I’m expecting to hear back from them later this week, if they haven’t by Friday I’ll chase them up, and if they haven’t replied by next friday I’ll give them a call. It’s all signed and documented.

Secretary Handover

Nick: Ryan and I met up, we ensured that I had appropriate Slack, 1Password and Github. I need to audit those accounts to check that that old members are removed and adding in new members.

Toby: There are a number of different vaults in 1 password, everyone should have access to the team 1password vault, and then it’s the secretary’s judgement as to who gets what.

Nick: I don’t have access to Zoom, so Ryan is providing that for this meeting but I’ll look into Hangouts as an alternative.

Action for Nick: Investigate Hangouts as an alternative recording platform

Call for new items

Toby: We’ll go around the room for new items.

Caitlin: I don’t have anything

Ryan: I’m just trying to get access from Jo to that spreadsheet, other than that everything’s going well.

Nick: I’d like to raise how we do voting when we have more than 2 candidates for a role, in AGM meetings. I’ll need to check how voting is mandated in the constitution.

Toby: We do blind voting, but the constitution doesn’t mandate how the vote is done.

Action for Nick: Research Voting

Lachlan: I don’t have anything yet, still learning more about the role. I think once I know more about the role I’ll have more things.

Ana: I don’t have anything.

Namibia: What is the structure of the meetings between the President and general members?

Toby: It will be an informal meeting or coffee, I’ll reach out to each of you to set up a time.

Namibia: Also, who will sort out me getting access to the Ruby repo?

Nick: That would be me.

Nick: As there is no further business that’s it for the night!

Meeting closed