Posting jobs with Ruby-related responsibilities here

Hi all,

I wanted to check in as to whether my posting of job ads here is appropriate. I’ve been posting them since we have a substantial investment in Rails-based web apps, hence roles in GetUp’s tech team inevitably have a large Ruby component, and so I am always happy to hire someone with Ruby experience.

However I myself don’t really engage with the Ruby community here since I don’t work on our Rails apps myself, which might make my posts seems a bit spammy. Indeed, on logging in just now to post this, I found that posting links to our web site have been blocked (hence I had to use a job site’s link instead) and also my two previous job ads were marked as spam.

So, is my use of the forum here appropriate? If so, is there anything I can do to get our web site unblocked and my job posts unmarked as spam? Of not, what could I be doing better to make it appropriate?


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Hi Michael, I think it’s an appropriate use. I reviewed and approved those posts.

The flagged posts require manual review from moderators. That’s a measure to protect from bots and bad actors since the forum is open to everybody. Since you are a new poster, it looks more suspicious to the system.

It’s the first time that happened. If other people face the same issue, we will revisit the spam protection settings. In the meantime your posts might be delayed while being reviewed by the moderators. Let’s see how that goes, there are other options we can look at as well.

Hi Michael,

Yes, you should be able to post the links, I believe it’s just because all of your posts have linked to the same website that discourse incorrectly identified you as a likely spambot.

I’ve edited your account to increase your trust level from “new user” up to the next level, which should allow you to posts links to the getup jobs page again.

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Haha, @antulik, looks like you were quicker on the draw on this one. Thanks for helping out. :slight_smile:

Thanks both, much appreciated!