Immigrant in spe looking for a job

Hi guys, I am a ruby developer from Poland who is planning to immigrate to your charming country next year, after applying for skilled visa in the upcoming months(hopefully).
Can you recommend me companies willing to hire a) ruby developers b) who are immigrants? I have around 5 years of commercial experience gained in many different projects in multinational teams for clients all over the world.
Is there anything I need to know about looking for ruby jobs that you’d be willing to share? are companies in general likely to help in visa process?
Is it a good(enough) idea to come to Australia first and look for a job then or should I take care of it earlier?

Note: I’m on the Ops side of things and this is my view on the situation, dev side may slightly differ.

Fellow immigrant here (Russia). Main issue is usually the right-to-work, as there are ongoing changes in the temporary skilled work visas policy at the moment so some companies may be hesitant to sponsor or outright not be able to.

You’ve said you’re doing an independent skilled visa (189 I presume). If you’re coming to Australia on it then there should be no issues as it provides unlimited rights to work.

Re: looking for a job here vs. remotely - it all depends on your tolerance to stress and risk. I, personally would at least cast a net after the visa is granted to have an idea of the local market and availability.

im thinking either 190 or 489, because im not sure i can get enough points for 189.
Did you have any troubles getting a job? did you apply before reaching australia/getting a visa?
my dream destination would be Adelaide or Perth but for cities of over a million inhabitants each i really cant find many job offers… can you recommend me where to look? either a website or another location even…

I personally found a job outside of Australia and arrived on a sponsored 457 (Temporary Skilled visa, now defunct). I wouldn’t recommend it as it turned out to be extremely restrictive (couldn’t even change roles within the company), which caused quite a bit of stress when a great opportunity arose internally and I couldn’t take it. But I do realise that I’m nevertheless speaking from a position of great privelege.

Concerning the types of Visas you referenced - I don’t have anyone I know who used that pathway so I’m hesitant to give advice. I would recommend trying to ask this at forum. Folks there were extremely helpful when I had some visa questions.

Adelaide/Perth are currently not the top locations for developer work as Perth is in a slight economic downturn and Adelaide is not a large tech hub. Prime positions are Sydney and Melbourne followed closely by Brisbane. However, there are still some local shops and many companies nowadays are open to remote work so it may still be doable if your heart is set on it.

Concerning who to talk to I would try contacting some known good recruitment agencies specialising in Ruby, for example

Hope this is at least a bit helpful :slight_smile: