Planning career development

It’s important to know what do you need to learn in order to progress your career and get your next salary raise. Every company does it differently and some don’t do it at all.

How do you do it?
What’s the best way to do it?
How other companies do it?

And Demo:

Patreon Engineering Levels

My 2 cents:

I always like to think more about how to grow myself other than thinking on how to “grow” inside the company.

It’s not that I don’t want to grow on the company. That is important and some of those rankings are indeed relevant.

But I would watch out for things like this Snowflake (seems like complete BS to me, like you randomly fill numbers on how you think you rate on stuff and they add a nice interface, but that doesn’t say much, like what have you accomplished with those skills?).

So I would rather focus on getting better on my own skills and prove my experience with projects, numbers, contacts, references, etc.

Also think that while some might grow a lot inside a company, you will also probably work in many companies and that internal ranking might not make so much sense or be relevant to another company, while you proving yourself will always be relevant to the market.

Titles for programmers from Basecamp

There is also the Kickstarter ladder.

One from Square

Rent the Run Way engineering ladder

Engineering career development at Khan Academy

Found another tool to visualise growth, similar to snowflake