November 2018 Ruby Australia Committee Elections

The next Ruby Australia Election is on 25 November 2018

We have four open positions which include President, Secretary and two full-term general member positions. Below is a brief description of each position, as well as some general information on the workings of the committee and the current direction and focus.

We also have a nomination form to help streamline the meeting.

Each committee member is expected to attend a monthly 1 hour online meeting (scheduled around all members other commitments), and to have regular access to Slack, 1Password and Google Docs. These are minimal requirements for staying in contact with the rest of the committee and accessing required files and login information. The time outputs outlined below are loose, with more time often needed at crucial points throughout the year and less at other times.

Critical points are usually:

  • Turnover of committee members (after each Rails Camp)
  • Weeks before RubyConf and Rails Camps
  • Turnover of the financial year

Open Positions

  1. President
  2. Secretary
  3. General Members

Or read more about other positions

We’d love to see you there!