Label printer config

These settings worked well for me for Brother QL-570 label printer.

sample_labels.pdf (86.1 KB)

Print settings:

  • Set paper size to 62mmx100mm
  • Preview
    • (important!) Set scale to 100%
  • Basic
    • Quality: Give priority to print quality
    • Resolution: 300x300dpi
  • Cut Options
    • (default) Cut every 1 labels
    • (default) Cut at end
  • Advanced
    • (default) Halftone: For general labels containing images

This is so you can test your printer config.

The actual pdf will be exactly the same as the sample above just with 100+ labels in it.

Set up and confirmed working with the sample PDF :+1:t2:

You can buy more rolls here:

(But perhaps shop around as it might be cheaper elsewhere)