[Job] Mid-Senior Ruby on Rails @ Fresho scale-up rocketship in Melbourne

For anyone interested in getting in on the ground floor with one of Australia’s hottest rocketship scale-ups where you can learn from one of Australia’s most accomplished Ruby on Rails teams, Fresho is hiring.


Contact: jason@fresho.com to learn more. Candidates only, no recruiters please.

About Fresho

Fresho is an extremely well funded B2B software platform which currently processes ~$1 billion in food transactions between wholesale food suppliers and their customers annually. The business is on a steep upward trajectory and now is the perfect time to get on board to benefit not only from attractive compensation but also from the forthcoming financial upside in being part of a wildly successful venture backed business.

Do you have experience with, or do you want to learn:

• Ruby on Rails, React, Bootstrap (& some legacy ember)

• BDD, TDD, Pair Programming, Continuous Delivery, Trunk Based Development

• Service Oriented Architecture/Microservices, REST, OO, FP

• AWS, Heroku, Infrastructure as code

• Capybara, rspec, jest

Do you want to work:

• at an emerging software business that has already become critical infrastructure for Australia’s food industry?

• on a product that is relied on every day to help supply the restaurants you eat at?

• in one of the most experienced software teams in Australia where you can focus on quality and engineering practices?

• day to day on everything to do with delivering a product? (from problem analysis and solution design, through architecture and full-stack engineering, to deployment and operations)

About the Team

We write a lot of tests and we write them first. We pair-program full-time. We refactor constantly. We trust each other to push directly to master. We have a lot of whiteboard discussions. We work on improving team effectiveness above growing the team. We support what we push to production (but work hard to make sure we hardly ever get paged). We set aside a day a month purely for research and experimentation. We learn every day.


This role is based from our office on St Kilda Rd in Melbourne. Local Melbourne based candidates are offered flexibility with regard to remote working however at this time we are not hiring candidates outside of Melbourne. If you are a senior Brisbane based rails engineer, feel free to reach out anyway as we may consider creation of a satellite office there in the near future.