[Job] Full Time - Senior Ruby Dev Needed - Melbourne Location - Startup

Senior Ruby Developer
Full Time Position
Cremorne, Melbourne

Why Consider Working With Us
Have the opportunity to make a difference and to have your ideas heard and implemented. Working at any startup is exciting, especially as we transition into our growth phase.

About the company
We are PlusPlus.

PlusPlus is the first social Human Resource bot that allows employees to freely ++ (like) or - - (dislike) people or things in the workplace. PlusPlus gains honest insight into workplace culture by analysing and aggregating the important interactions and conversations between employee and employer.

PlusPlus exists to define the sentiment of workplace culture and ultimately gain valuable insight on how to further improve culture, employee morale and retention.

PlusPlus has a growing active user base of over 350,000+ cult-like users and 30,000 daily active users (DAI). PlusPlus’s viral status emerged as a result of rewarding positive behavior within a social working environment for all relevant employees to see in real-time. PlusPlus’s global impact has resulted in companies such as Air BnB, Buzz Feed, AoL and Microsoft and Fox Sports using PlusPlus.

About the Position
We are seeking an all-star Ruby developer who is familiar with Slack and A.I chat bot technologies. PlusPlus lives within Slack and have a attracted a total lifetime audience of over 600,000 people.

Work in trendy Richmond within a startup environment and be a real asset to growing company.

The Hit List

  • Must be based in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Must have Ruby experience.
  • Must have an understanding (preferable) of how Slack APIs work.

Please ping me if interested.