Introductions (A bit about you, what projects you want to work on at camp, talks you want to give)

(Ceels) #1

This is a chance to get to know other campers before we get to Perth. And also find out what other people are interested in doing or working on.

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(Ceels) #2

A bit about me:
I’m Celia, one of the organisers for camp. I was a Latin teacher, but decided to quit to write novels about dragons and things. While I was doing that I fell into data stuff and now I’m working in Data Services. At the moment I’m learning about using Ruby with Google’s BigQuery. It’s pretty great.

What I’d like to work on at camp:
I have an idea of a project I’d like to work on for camp, but also I’d like to work on some fundamentals. I’ve been teaching myself, so there are some gaps in my knowledge.

Talks I’d like to give:
I’d like to give a talk on the similarities between Latin and Ruby, but I don’t know if it will be ready in time for camp. I’m also formulating some opinions and theories about the future of education. Generally, but in particular to tech/programming.