Interested in re-locating to San Francisco?

We’re looking for Aussies who want to move to San Francisco for a full-time engineering role.

We will:

  • Pay for your visa (the E3 is fairly straightforward to get)
  • Pay for your relocation
  • Help you get started (explain weird American nuances, introduce you to a fellow Aussie support group, etc).

We’re looking for:

  • Really excellent full-stack engineers with a focus on React + Ruby.
  • Independent and self motivated—side projects and Ruby Gems a major plus

Here’s the details on how to apply:

Fun facts about Clearbit:

We power the sales and marketing data for many of the tech companies in the valley. We operate behind the scenes at companies like Asana, Zendesk, Gusto, Stripe, Intercom, and Segment to give their teams the data they need to understand their customers, and do cool things like customize their website (based on visitor IP/company) and shorten signup forms.

We have a mixture of data APIs and consumer apps. Just one of our APIs alone gets over 30 million requests a day, and we have 200k daily users of our consumer apps.

We are a big micro-service shop: ~60 internal services and 6 public facing APIs. Our services are a mixture of Go/Ruby + Sinatra. We use Postgres + DynamoDB + Aurora for persistence. Everything is hosted on EC2 + Kubernetes - about 100 nodes.

We have just over 1k customers, are profitable, and like to keep things efficient and sustainable. We’re a small team of 30 - half growth, half engineers. Backgrounds from Twitter, Stripe, Google & ThoughtBot.

We’re based in SOMA, San Francisco in a converted coffee warehouse, but half the team is remote. We like to do fun offsites a couple of times a year - previous ones were Costa Rica, Colombia, Tulum.