Assigning Committee Member Roles

Hey team

I want to have an open discussion on how we sort into roles for the half term ahead of us.

Having spoken to @quintrino and @Caitlinpb about their strengths and interests, my feeling is that it would be best to put Nick on events and Caitlin on documentation. This means that @antulik will be free and the website role open. I think this fit’s Anton’s skills but we have not discussed if it fits his interests or what he wants to achieve on the committee.

There’s a potential for @toby also to handle the website, but it would mean he’s much less available to me as VP. Personally I don’t feel qualified to handle the website for the same reasons as Nick and Caitlin, we’re all quite junior and just don’t feel we have the skills to manage it on the whole.

We need to figure out how to have this covered with the people we have. I don’t want to just be giving orders from on high without people knowing why or allowing some discussions about alternate ideas. I’d like to have roles sorted out soon though, so we can get cracking on the work!

Thoughts? :slight_smile:


In this case me “liking” the post means I have read and agree with it. :slight_smile:

I’m happy to move away from Docs, most of work is done, and new leadership would be great to get it to the next level. Can still (and probably will) be partially involved along the way.

Lauren you forgot to mention for the website role that person probably will be involved in managing the redesign process. I’m not hiped about it, but considering what we have I think that would be the best option unless there are volunteers.

I’d like @toby just to focus on managing tasks on trello and other VP stuff and then do other things if there is time.

My personal interest is to make RubyAU to take leadership position in community in Australia and around.

Ok, sorted.

Anton, there’s a possibility of the redesign being handled by someone else, which would be a good way to handle the website role being such a big job.