Allow GitHub logins

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I subscribe to other Discourse-based forums and with those I can choose to link to my GitHub / Twitter account. I saw today that this forum doesn’t seem to have this option enabled.

Could we please do that?

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That’s doable. I’ll coordinate with you directly on getting that set up under the right Github/Twitter accounts.

Edit: this should now be working. Let me know if you have any issues.

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As far as I understand, that’s only for logins with new accounts, there is no way to link github to the existing account. Is that correct?

Since we are tech community would be useful if people could link their github account and you could see it in their profile.

I logged out and used my Githib account to log into my already-existing account. Not sure what voodoo it did to link the two.

Twitter login seems to be misbehaving. I’ll take a look.

edit: Twitter logins are fine and are doing the same voodoo as Github, so administratively I can see that I have both logins linked to my account. The question is how we expose that data in user profiles. I’ll keep working on it.