2019.11.12 18:00 [Melbourne] Ruby Hack Night

Ruby Hack Night

When: November 12, 2019 at 18:00
Where: Envato - 121 King Street , Melbourne
RSVPs: 21

Bring your computer, pull up a chair and code to your heart's content. If you get stuck, you're surrounded by other Rubyists who are always happy to help out and if you get hungry food is provided courtesy of Ruby Australia.

This event is aimed at Juniors and Seniors alike, offering:

* A relaxed environment to smash out that bit of code you've been meaning to work on
* Other Rubyists to bounce ideas off
* Mentors who can help you polish off that feature you're stuck on
* Exercises to work through if you're wanting to grow your skills

The event starts at 6, food rocks up around 7:30 and the night closes off at 9. Come whenever, leave whenever.

To get in to the building use the King Street entrance - information will be provided on the door as to how to get in


Many thanks to Ruby Australia (https://ruby.org.au/) for sponsoring the event and to Inspire 9 for providing the space.

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Tom Dalling

Beginners are definitely welcome. There will be mentors available to help with whatever you’re working on, and we can suggest exercises for beginners too, it’s just not run like a lesson/class.

dale orders

I am going to the c++ Olympiad until 7:30. I’m assuming I can come along once that has finished?

Tom Dalling

Yep, absolutely.