2019.01.30 18:00 [Melbourne] Ruby Newbies

Ruby Newbies

When: January 30, 2019 at 18:00
Where: Zendesk - 395 Collins St, Melbourne
RSVPs: 154

An evening of lightning talks by first time speakers at RORO, plus socialising, food and drinks.

Sponsored by: Envato (https://envato.com), Lookahead Search (https://lookahead.com.au), Culture Amp (https://cultureamp.com), Zendesk (http://zendesk.com) and Marketplacer (http://marketplacer.com).

Talks for the night will be announced closer to the day.

To suggest or vote on a talk please look in github (https://github.com/rails-oceania/melbourne-ruby/issues).

Rock up from 6pm for some early chatter, we'll kick the proceedings off properly around 6:30, hear from our presenters, and then socialise further when dinner arrives.

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Toby Nieboer

Woo hoo, it’s Ruby Newbies night!

For those who haven’t experienced it, Ruby Newbies is a night of lightning talks from folks who have never spoken at RORO before.

So far our lineup is as follows (and we have room for one or two more - log an issue at https://github.com/rails-oceania/melbourne-ruby/issues if you’ve got a talk!):

Drew Noll - Arguing With Ruby: A breakdown of Ruby Method Arguments
Erin Belot - Mind Mapping For Clarity
Vanessa Nimmo - Unpacking Rails Helper Magic
Celia King - Knitting and TDD

Hope to see you there!


To the organizers… we’d like to pay for the pizza for this event… would you be interested?

If yes, you just need to list it on https://www.freepizza.io and I’ll get a notification once that’s done.

If no then thanks anyway!
Andrew Stuart

fyi my contact details are here:

Ryan Bigg

Thanks for the interest in our event Andrew. Your offer is generous. Unfortunately we are going to have to decline it. The reason is that we (as Ruby AU) already have paid-up sponsors for the year: Ruby.org.au/sponsorship. We think it would be unfair for you to pay for a single meetup’s worth of pizza (about $1k) and get the same exposure as those companies have.

However, if you wish to sponsor Ruby Australia at an equivalent level (10k or above, annually) then the committee can work with you on that.

Happy to discuss tomorrow night if you’d like.


Thanks Ryan … I’ll have a look at the sponsorship info that you’ve referred me to. Andrew

Danielle Rebecca

Making my apologies for tonight. I would have loved to have attended but am not feeling up to it.

Sirani McNeill

Same here

Pat Allan

Well done to all the presenters this evening, all of you were superb, and doubly so for it being your first time speaking! :clap:

And for those who are now wondering if they could present for the first time - yes! The organising team helped with providing a place and time for these speakers to rehearse, and gave feedback to all speakers, and they (and others in the community) can do the same for you too. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help :slight_smile:

Drew Noll

Can attest to this! The extra help and mentorship and the opportunity to have a safe trial run beforehand worked wonders to soothe the first-time jitters. I was so impressed by everyone’s talks, and also the level of improvement and iteration that came with every talk I watched :smiley:


Great night! Thank you