Mid to Senior RoR Dev at Red Ant, Surry Hills, Sydney

Title: [Job] (<Surry Hills, Sydney>)

About the company
We’re a Ruby development agency. We’ve been around for over 20y. Obviously not doing Ruby all that time, but let’s not talk about the Dark Days. But we’ve been around, developers seem to really love working here. Stable, no jerks, nice working space.

Rather than work on a single app, our developers work across a number of challenging projects. We have some startups, but most of our projects are for well established clients with meaty problems to solve.

About You
You’re an experienced developer. You know your stuff. Making nice stuff is what you do. Pride in the craft of engineering awesome things. You give thoughtful code reviews.
Sure, you could probably become the next CTO of some crazy startup, or get a job at Google/Salesforce/IBM/etc and impress your Mum. But we think you’ll like it here.

How about if I explain us a bit more:

  1. We’re not Consultants. We don’t take on projects for a few months and then hand over (all the while knowing that this elegant yet fragile code is pretty much impossible to maintain). We like where the tyre hits the road, because we think that is where stuff gets really interesting. We value long term projects, because we know that by refining and iterating we can continually improve an idea.

  2. We all work together. To work together as a high performing team, we think meaningful conversations and interactions are important. To make great digital things, so many different parts need to come together perfectly – from UX to DevOps.

  3. We’re not an ad agency & we don’t outsource. We build. We’re pretty geeky, and while we have content, UX & design people, we’re undeniably technical. And to be technically good you need not only good people but excellent processes and a strong tech culture. People that care. We’re not that company that seems to build things but actually gets all the work done by the offshore team in Nepal or Poland or wherever. I’m sure they’re great, but I think there are better things you could be doing with your career other than baby sitting an offshore team. Personally I’d rather clean my ears with a Dremel.

  4. We work with nice people as our clients. Life is too short to work with dickheads.

In terms of specifics, we work for people like:
Michelle Bridges 12WBT - health and fitness platform which has been quite successful. A little known semi related fact: we also did Richard Simmons sites. Lovely guy.

Tribe - an influencer marketplace for all those people with more followers than me

Kimberly Clark - they have some well known consumer brands like Huggies

Real Pet Food Co - we’ve just made them a realpetmatcher.com

Outdoor Media Assn - an ad booking platform for everything from those massive billboards to bus stops

Full time
This is a full time position – just in case you are working on your side hustle.

We don’t want to boast, but our office is pretty FTW. A light filled warehouse space, with plenty of space to help you concentrate. Look us up on Google Maps and you can stalk your heart out.
In terms of where we are, we’re the epicentre of hipsterville in Surry Hills. You can’t spill your Chai without hitting a man with a beard or a chick with ironic glasses and tattoos. In terms of transport options, you can park your chopper in the park over the road, or if you arrive by pony you can tie it up on the tree outside. We’re close to trains, buses, walkable to the harbour ferry and nowhere near an airport.

For lunch, we have probably the highest concentration of cafes, bars and restaurants in the country. You’ll need to figure out if you like your coffee pressed, cold, drawn or dripped. Are you single origin or blend? Craft beer or obscure import?

Is this remote or on site?
On site – although many of us work from home now and then. And we’re pretty flexible in terms of having time off for all the things that come up – like sick children, family emergencies etc. And sometimes you need some focussed time to get things done.

But say you lived in a drone that flew back and forth over Peru, this would be a very unsuitable position for you. Commuting would be problematic, and it would be difficult to keep in the loop.

How much it pays
Really well. Probably much better than where you are right now, but not as much as that recruiter has promised you that you are really worth. But hey, if that was reality then we’d all be coming in by chopper.

If you’re interested in this position, pro tip: please don’t send in a huge Word doc CV. Just shoot an email to Sarah at jobs@redant.com.au with an outline of the kind of projects you’ve worked on, and some insight into who you are.