Mid/Senior real-time media monitoring in Sydney

Hey everyone, streem.com.au is doing well and looking at growing our kick-ass engineering team. We’re pretty flexible on experience level as long as you like to learn and get stuff done, see below for the lowdown on the company/tech/role:

In just a few years with a nimble team we’ve built an industry leading platform (don’t take our word for it, see what our customers say) so we must be doing something right. This is only the start though, and we’ve got plenty of ideas to take it to the next level with your help.

The job

While our stack is mostly (latest) Ruby on Rails and (latest) ElasticSearch for API & background processing on the backend + VueJS/Quasar SPA on the frontend, our software and data engineers come from various backgrounds (Java, Node, PHP, React, Angular…) and we believe in using the best tool for the job.

Some of us are stronger on the backend, other on the frontend, but we all work collaboratively top to bottom. We run our infrastructure in AWS/GCP clouds but also manage multiple physical servers monitoring local broadcast across the country, aiming for the sweet spot between modular monolith and micro-services.

Day to day we work on improving the performance and quality of our content collection technology, build new and better ways of alerting and reporting information to our users in our desktop & mobile apps, enhance our infrastructure to be more automated and reliable as we scale. The variety and the amount of content (text, audio, video, images, PDF) we analyse make for many interesting challenges so we promise you will learn new things and won’t get bored.

What we’re looking for

A passionate software engineer with 3-5 years (mid-level) / 6+ (senior) years of experience across the whole web stack, familiar with Rails (or eager to transfer skills from similar frameworks in different languages) & Javascript SPAs using Angular/React/Vue. Interest in news & media, data science and natural language processing or DevOps/Sysadmin are a bonus. Roles are flexible and we like to play on everyone strengths and interests.

You will

  • Work alongside the founders and account managers to improve the existing platform and bring new features to life in our desktop/mobile/admin apps all the way from concept to deployment.
  • Write efficient, maintainable and tested code that the rest of the team can rely on and refactor with confidence
  • Evaluate and build upon multiple external APIs and services available out there
  • Implement our on services when we can do it better
  • Be involved in architecture, technology & tooling decisions
  • Deploy every day!


  • Great location in Surry Hills (Sydney), 100m from Central Station
  • Choice of hardware/OS
  • Friday lunches
  • Conferences & workshops
  • Company trips
  • Small fast-moving team with proven product & revenue: all the opportunities and challenges of a startup without the risks


If you’re a real person building software (i.e. not a recruiter matching buzzwords) and interested in this position, we’d love to hear from you. Shoot an email to antoine@streem.com.au with a few lines about yourself, the projects you’ve worked on and what makes you love your career.