2018.10.03 18:00 [Melbourne] Melbourne Ruby

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Melbourne Ruby

When: October 03, 2018 at 18:00
Where: Zendesk - 395 Collins St, Melbourne
RSVPs: 159

An evening of talks on Ruby and related topics, plus socialising, food and drinks.

Sponsored by: Envato (https://envato.com), Lookahead Search (https://lookahead.com.au), Culture Amp (https://cultureamp.com), Zendesk (http://zendesk.com) and Marketplacer (http://marketplacer.com).

Talking at this meetup:

* Brendan Weibrecht - Applied Event Sourcing
* Phil Nash - Passwords are dead, long live the password!

To suggest or vote on a talk please look in github (https://github.com/rails-oceania/melbourne-ruby/issues).

Rock up from 6pm for some early chatter, we'll kick the proceedings off properly around 6:30, hear from our presenters, and then socialise further when dinner (pizza) arrives. Soft drink, beer, cider and wine are also provided.

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Ryan Bigg

Hi all! Please note that the September meetup has been moved to the 3rd of October due to ZD scheduling conflicts. This means that we’ll have a meetup on the 3rd and 31st of October.

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Brendan O’Brien

Ooooh… Should we make the 31st into a costume party?

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Michael Milewski

great talks, especially enjoyed Phil Nash and the challenge he laid out to us, find his childhood password

  • 8 characters
  • model number of some hi-fi equipment
  • has been pwned 5 times (or was it 8?)
    require 'pwned'
    => 5
  • hi-fi equipment that may have been in the room of a 14 year old between 2000 - 2010? ± 10 years?

anyone got it yet?

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Drew Noll

Awwww #leavephilalone :joy:

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From the talk yesterday I would more say #leavenashalone

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I’m at savers and both units there have the serial in front. Panasonic has the serial in front SA-PM11 and sony MHC-RG475S. Definitely not the Sony as it’s too long :sweat_smile: