2018.09.11 18:00 [Sydney] Rorosyd - Ruby or Rails User Group Sydney

Rorosyd - Ruby or Rails User Group Sydney

When: September 11, 2018 at 18:00
Where: Airtasker - Level 3, 71 York St, Sydney
RSVPs: 105

Welcome to the September edition of RORO! Shake off your winter blues and come and join us for fun, food, drink, and talks! Our roster of speakers for this month is:

# Presentations - 15 minutes

* Introduction to dry-monads - Mark Turner :: @paradisaeidae
* Fail to Succeed - TDD with RSpec - Sonia Parker :: @sonicakes1207

# Lightning Talks - 5 minutes

* Upgrading to Rails 5 - Donna Zhou :: @failscasts
* Exercism: Leap Year - Tim Caldwell :: @TimCSolutions

Look forward to seeing you there!


Want to speak at a future RORO? Tell us about what you want to present here! https://github.com/rails-oceania/roro/issues

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Ren Shao

Jora is looking for a few senior Ruby engineers. https://www.seek.com.au/job/37120331

Happy to chat about the role in tomorrow’s meetup.

Luke Scott

Quick follow up from last night:
Zupply is looking for a full stack mid/senior/tech lead developer (RoR and JS).
Zupply have big customers in place and in final stages of preparing to launch.
Anyone interested please get in touch: luke.scott@zupply.com.au

Nice to meet so many people last night :slight_smile:


Hi Rob, Paul, All,
Here’s the set of slides, RsydMonadsIntro.pdf, from the Intro to Monads.
They are more of a warm-up to the why of monads.
They may not self-explain very well.

The screens subsequent are an adventure towards dry examples. There be dragons!
Ping me for a link to that: @paradisaeidae

The dry gems are the components of which dry-monads is one of.

This one takes the Galated example to ‘Task’.

Happy to do a 5min Q&A at the next.


Thanks for inviting me to speak! Here are my slides for my Upgrading to Rails 5 talk https://speakerdeck.com/dondonz/upgrading-to-rails-5