2018.07.25 18:00 [Melbourne] Melbourne Ruby

Melbourne Ruby

When: July 25, 2018 at 18:00
Where: Zendesk - 395 Collins St, Melbourne
RSVPs: 128

An evening of talks on Ruby and related topics, plus socialising, food and drinks.

Sponsored by: Envato, Lookahead Search, Culture Amp, Zendesk and Marketplacer.

Talks for the night will be announced closer to the day.

To suggest or vote on a talk please look in github (https://github.com/rails-oceania/melbourne-ruby/issues).

Rock up from 6pm for some early chatter, we'll kick the proceedings off properly around 6:30, hear from our presenters, and then socialise further when dinner arrives.

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Toby Nieboer

Hello everyone,

This month we have two excellent talks lined up for you.

Elle Meredith - Composition Over Inheritance:

"In class-based object-oriented systems, composition and inheritance are the two primary methods of reusing and assembling components (without also considering mixins).

I would like to:

- review the costs and benefits of using both approaches.
- introduce mixins (Rails concerns)
- look at a simple example to illustrate each approach
- provide advise on which to choose when"

Anton Katunin - Rails In Real Time:

"This is a talk about real time application written in Rails. Uber-like app for bus tracking.

In this presentation I’ll talk about a successful experience of structuring business logic in Rails application and adopting “skinny Controller and skinny Model” approach."

This month’s meetup will again be hosted by the incomparable Melissa Kaulfuss.

Hope to see you there!

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