2018.05.10 18:30 [Melbourne] Ruby on Rails InstallFest

Ruby on Rails InstallFest

When: May 10, 2018 at 18:30
Where: Envato - 121 King Street , Melbourne
RSVPs: 47

This is your opportunity to get your laptop or computer set up with a full Ruby on Rails development environment. Most importantly, it's a FREE service!

Bring your Windows, Mac or Linux laptop, our team can help get you running on any of these.

Once your laptop is set up, we get you building your own blog powered by Ruby on Rails. By the end of the three-hour workshop, you should have this up and running, online and published on the Internet.

Free Stuff!

Not only do you get time with Ruby on Rails professionals, you also get vouchers to various training tools and sites... worth real money.

Wait, what do I bring?

The only requirement is you bring your computer along with whatever power charger you need, and also, please, make sure your computer works.

OK, I need one more incentive. How about free food?

We'll organise pizza and drinks for you to enjoy while you are getting your system up and running. Power boards will be provided, everything else is up to you.

I'm a professional Rails Developer can I help mentor?
Yes, we are always looking for professionals to come along and help. Just send us an email (community@reinteractive.net) or RSVP to let us know you'd like to come along.

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Raph Suttiyotin

This is awesome for someone like me who wants to get into RoR, thanks for organising!

Sirani McNeill

I found that there was a lack of time to set up the laptop software so ever thought about having a series of workshops for beginners ?

Rachelle Le Quesne

Now that the Rail installer for Windows is being maintained again, we no longer have that problem. In fact, many attendees not only complete the installation and the guide, they finish the second guide and make good progress on the third guide as well!

Jason Data

Hello, I’ve worked with RoR’s for a couple years so if you wanted a hand installing, feel free to reply and I’ll keep an eye out for you in the meetup. :slight_smile:

Jasmeet Singh

Hi. I’m new to Ruby. It would be great if you’ll help me out at the meetup😃

Rachelle Le Quesne

Jason, that would be fantastic, we’d love you to come along and help out! :slight_smile:

Jessica Colquhoun

Hi, sorry for the late notice but I am unable to attend tonight as I have ended up with a cold! Look forward to attending the next event! :slight_smile:

Roi Avidan

Thank you for the lovely Meetup! I enjoyed it very much and learned a few things :slight_smile:


Thank you it was a very nice event learn a lot!


The mentors were very friendly, patient and helpful. This was a great introduction to Ruby on Rails.