Ruby Australia AGM - 10th May 2014

Ruby Australia General Meeting Minutes

10th May, 2014

Meeting open: 5:00pm


1. Opening statements

Pat Allan opens the meeting.

Pat’s just the narrator, no official power.

The eight Committee members currently are:

  • Matt Allen (President)
  • Josh Price (Vice-President)
  • Jason Stirk (Treasurer)
  • Luke Chadwick (Secretary)
  • Lachie Cox (General member)
  • Elle Meredith (General member)
  • John Barton (General member)
  • Dylan Lacey (General member)

Treasurer’s report - Jason Stirk

The accountant has highlighted a problem with the report.

Matt (current president) has been given access to the bank accounts. This is primarily for redundancy.
A discussion is needed in the committee about whether the incoming VP is also given access.

The Balance sheet has been done up to 31 March. Jason reports that we are still in a very health position.

It has been identified that the Camps should not be running a profit. They are for the members.

  • Moved: Dylan Lacey
  • Seconded: Noel Kelly
  • Outcome: Motion passed without dissent.

RubyConf Report - Steve Gilles

The organisers are very happy about the event. The venue was a great success.

This could not have happened without Ruby Australia.

Decision was made to not make too much profit. The RailsGirls event was free.

  • Moved: Pat Allan
  • Seconded: Craig Read
  • Outcome: Motion passed without dissent.

VP’s Report - Josh Price

Greetings from not so sunny Sydney!

It’s been another successful year for Ruby Australia supporting the Ruby community in Australia. It’s a wonderful community and I’m extremely proud to be a part of it.

Together we’ve shipped some amazing events: another fantastic Rubyconf, 2 amazing Rails Camps, a host of wonderful RailsGirls events, and all of the various meetups that happen around Australia.

Most importantly I’d like to thank everyone who’s helped to make these events possible as well as all of the committee members past and present. Untold hours of behind the scenes work goes into making these events possible. So if you see an organiser, don’t forget to say thanks… :slight_smile:

It certainly feels to me like our community has grown more diverse, and more vibrant and this should be celebrated.

Thanks everyone, have a great Rails Camp!


PS: I nominate Pat Allan to replace me as Vice President of Ruby Australia in absentia

  • Moved: Pat Allan
  • Seconded: Luke Arndt
  • Outcome: Approved, No Dissent

Pat’s report on upcoming events

  • Next RailsCamp will be held in Perth.
  • Organizers are needed for RailCamp+1
  • The location for RubyConf 2015 has been selected. It will be held at the Deakin Edge Theatre in Melbourne.


The VP and all the General Committee members are up for election.

VP Election

Josh Price nominates Pat Allan. Seconded by Steve Gilles

Question about whether it would be a problem having a Conference and Commitee cross over, with workload.

Pat Allan is elected unanimously.

General Members

  • Keith Pitt - Nominated by Lachlan Hardy, seconded by Dylan Lacey
  • Mel Sherrin - Nominated by Dylan Lacey, seconded by Wayne Robinson
  • Rob Jacoby - Nominated by Dylan Lacey, seconded by Richie Khoo
  • Luke Arndt - Nominated by Steve Gilles, seconded by Ben Turner
  • Andrew Harvey - Nominated by self, seconded by Pat Allan

After discussion Andrew withdraws his nomination to ensure Mel Sherrin will stand.

  • Motion to accept all: Richie Khoo
  • Seconded: Lachlan Hardy
  • Approved without dissent.

General Business

Richie Khoo wants to put a request to the get a certain workshop to come to Australia for RubyConf AU.

Discussion supports the idea but no motion is put forward.

Location of the RubyConf

Dylan Lacey asks if we need a process for selecting the location of the next RubyConf.

Nigel Rausch put forward Brisbane to Josh Price in the middle of last year.

Discussion around profit being a consideration.

Elle Meredith likes the simplicity of volunteering.

Lachlan Hardy moves that RubyAustralia announces a period of time that they’re accepting expressions of interest. Seconded by Wayne Robinson and approved without dissent.

RailsGirls support

Dylan Lacey wants to check if RailsGirls is getting enough support? Jason Stirk reports that they are being offered $25 a head and not needing all of it.

Meeting closed: 6:00pm