[Job] Full Stack Developer (Remote Full Time)

Title: [Job] Full Stack Developer (Remote Full Time)

About the company

Gearbox is a fleet maintenance web app primarily designed for the transport and earth moving industries. We’re looking for a full stack developer to join our team.

About the position

Our small dev team works on implementing new features, improving existing functionality, optimising performance and fixing bugs. We work in cycles and try to allow for deep work without distracting and overwhelming the team.

We are a partly remote team. Meetings are kept to a minimum by encouraging asynchronous communication. The position is being offered as remote, however, a desk will be available in our Oran Park office if you would prefer the energy of an office environment.

Our primary building block is Ruby on Rails. Rails has more than met our requirements and has been extremely helpful with its convention over configuration paradigm. Much of the Rails Doctrine has influenced how we design and build our apps.

We keep up to date with the latest versions of Rails and the Rails ecosystem in general. We currently don’t use a dedicated front end framework and instead take advantage of Rails-ujs, Turbolinks and Stimulus. For our modern javascript code, we use ES6/ES2015.

We feel it’s important to take care of yourself and be able to switch off from work. We believe the standard 38 hours a week is usually enough time to get everything done. There will be edge cases where after hours work is required.

About you

Our team is encouraged to think through a problem and offer alternative solutions if they arise. For this reason, the position suits someone who enjoys problem solving.

You will have a knack for clear writing. You enjoy long form and thought out responses rather than knee jerk reactions. You understand that good writing takes time and you appreciate that a developer’s role involves more than coding.

You are self directed and can move on to other tasks when waiting upon responses from other team members.

You enjoy “leaving the camp site better than you found it”. This means, if you are working in a section of the codebase and see dated code that can be easily improved, you’re happy to invest the small amount of time to make those small improvements.

Junior devs are more than welcome to apply.

About our pay

Salary package depending upon level of experience.

How to apply

Please send applications to abbey@gearbox.com.au with an application (cover letter in particular) tailored to this position. Please take the time to highlight your experience with Rails and how this will align with our team.

This position has now been filled.