2019.04.10 17:30 [Perth] Perth Ruby

Perth Ruby

When: April 10, 2019 at 17:30
Where: 65 Bits - Level 1, Suite 143, 580 Hay St, Perth
RSVPs: 8

This month we'll do a few more coding quizzes from https://leetcode.com/ so bring a laptop if you can!

An evening of chatting about Ruby and related topics, plus socialising, food and drinks.

Sponsored by: Envato (https://envato.com/), 65 Bits (https://www.65bits.com.au/).

Rock up from 5:30pm for some early chatter, we'll kick off the proceedings properly at 6:00, start with some coding challenges, and then socialise further when pizza arrives.

Note: the elevators need card access after 6pm, so if you're running late please SMS 0406 351 336 when you arrive outside - someone will promptly come to let you in! 😃

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Paul Walker

For those that catch the train like me, the last train to Joondalup Departing Perth Underground: 8.38pm

Camilo Andres Pestana

Sorry Guys, I think I won’t be able to make it today

Mark Glossop

/me still en route - but still coming! :upside_down_face: