Full-time Junior/Mid Ruby Developer roles at GreenSync (Fully remote, Melbourne HQ)

Company: GreenSync
Geo: Fully remote
Head Office: Melbourne CBD
Level: Junior/Mid
WFH: 100%
Type: Full-time
Closing Date: Until the two positions are filled

Software Developer - GreenSync

GreenSync is hiring developers to help electricity grids to host more renewable generation.

About GreenSync

GreenSync is an energy technology company which is changing the way consumer devices interact with electricity grids. We’re using our electrical power systems knowledge and software expertise to help device manufacturers, electricity network operators, retailers, and consumers adapt to an energy grid with more renewables.

GreenSync works with the world’s leading Solar, Battery, EV and other DER technology providers to increase flexibility in electricity networks and markets. Australia is the world leader in solar adoption, and it is the technology we have developed here in Australia which will allow us to not just expedite the transition to renewables in Australia - but export this technology to the world.

GreenSync is part of CrescoNet Group. We have the relationships, scale and resources to roll out the technology at scale. If you are looking for engineering challenges and to make a difference, there are very few companies in Australia in which you can do this; GreenSync is one.

About the Team

Our software development team is small and razor sharp, with various levels of experience. Everyone is involved and contributes to different areas, from core platform development, to third party integrations, to infrastructure, deployment pipeline and monitoring.

About the Role

As a successful applicant, you will join our engineering team in the development of new or existing product services, planning sessions, participate in retrospectives, software guild meetings, and have opportunities to build relationships with the wider GreenSync staff.

Electricity markets and renewables are complex - but you don’t need to have a background in any of it. We have power system engineers and industry experts on staff to help… Our promise to you, is that you’ll learn enough to talk your friends’ ears off in no time :wink:

Your career development goals are important to us, so we’ll commit to support your professional growth and provide you with plenty of advice and help from experienced engineers, as well as options to give and receive feedback.

How we work

We work using a distributed first model - i.e. remote by default. Subsequently, we have a strong emphasis on collaboration and open discussions as fundamental pillars of our culture. Every engineer participates on a daily basis with one or more colleagues on different development related tasks and activities. We collaborate constantly using tools like GitHub and Slack, and Pop for remote pair programming.

That said, we do maintain a presence in Melbourne’s CBD for the team to use when required, and we actively find and create occasions where we can all (including those out of state and beyond) gather as a team for work and social activities.

The team uses a variety of tools that fit different purposes, and we don’t necessarily need experts in particular technologies. Everyone in the development team owns the full stack. That means we work together on requirements, write and test our code, deploy it (via continuous integration pipelines) and we are on-call when things break and we maintain the cloud infrastructure. If you want to run workshops with customers, you can do that too and you will be supported the whole time.

We like to work with passionate and curious colleagues with diverse experience, skills and opinions. We’re particularly interested in applicants with some opinions on:

  • Building software that’s maintainable for the long term
  • Delivering value with reliable and well understood technology
  • Testing
  • Lean agile development processes
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment

It would be preferable if you also have experience or familiarity with any of:

  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Ruby
  • Relational databases and SQL
  • API design
  • Docker
  • Google Cloud, or other cloud providers
  • Power systems, electrical engineering or home energy monitoring
  • Web application security

Additional benefits

As a GreenSync employee you’ll also have access to the following perks:

  • An additional 1 day of paid leave on your birthday
  • An additional 1 day of paid leave per year of service (to a maximum of 5)
  • Individual Learning and Development budget of $1,000
  • Additional parental leave for both primary and secondary carers (on top of what is provided by the Australian Government)
  • A referral bonus of up to $3,000 when a referred candidate successfully completes probation.


Email your application to: brendan.weibrecht@greensync.com.au